Intellectual Property Law

Since the founding of the People’s Republic of China, especially after the Reform and Opening up, with the continuous efforts of we Chinese people of all ethnic groups, China become the second economy of the world and one of the most potential economies. In the year of 2020, the global economic developments were severe impacted by the coronavirus epidemic which spread all over the world. China was the world’s only country to achieve growth. It is not only a proof of China’s powerful and stable capacity of development, but also a favourable place for enterprises all over the world to operate.


With the development of economy and technology, innovation becomes one of the most important advantages in the competition of entities. Thus, how to protect the fruits of innovation have become an urgent task in the process of development.


China’s IP protection has developed rapidly. According to the reports of China National Intellectual Property Administration, the quantity of trademark’s application of China is more than any other country in the world for 17 years straight. The quantity of PTC international patent application was at the first place in 2020.  All these achievements demonstrate China’s soft power. On the other hand, the pressure of entities’ competition in China has been increasing.


To provide assistance for foreign enterprises developing in China, Chinese government implemented policies of IP protection, and national leaders said at major occasions that China is striving for providing good environment to IP protection.


Beijing Yi Ming Law Firm (Yi Ming) founded in 2002 and gained outstanding achievements in kinds of fields. In the past years, Yi Ming devoted himself to franchise and IP law practice, formulating the national standard, publishing guide books for franchise law practice, training employee for administration, and providing franchise and IP law advices to solve problems in operation for enterprises. A group of professional lawyers from Yi Ming, with solid foundation in theory and efficient experience in practical, secure the development of client in China.



Our service in intellectual property law cover:

Trademark, copyright, domain name, and patent.



Our trademark legal services include:

  • Advising legal solution for trademark protection in China mainland;
  • Providing trademark searches and watch services;
  • Prosecuting trademark applications;
  • Undertaking trademark oppositions, reviews and cancellations;
  • Pursuing reviews of administrative decisions in courts;
  • Licensing and assignment of trademark rights;
  • Enforcing IP rights through administrative and judicial channels;
  • Enforcing trademark rights via customs.


Our law firm’s copyright service includes:

  • Advising legal solution for copyright protection in China mainland;
  • Copyright registration;
  • Copyright registration for computer software;
  • Drafting and advising on copyright contracts;
  • Handling recording of copyright at customs;
  • Enforcing copyright through administrative and judicial channels.



Areas of domain name law we advise on include:

  • Registration;
  • Disputes;


Our services include:

  • Advising legal solution for patent implementation in China mainland;
  • Patent rights enforcement through judicial and administrative channels and through customs
  • Patent annuity management
  • Patent portfolio management.



Lawyers of Yi Ming serviced for:

Apple, Levi’s, FORMULA 1, Johnson & Johnson, Amazon, Major League Baseball, MILLY, HORMEL, SANDVIK, ASTM, CUMMINS, Aluk, ARAX, ALI, DWS 3D, OLIVETTI, etc.