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Welcome to Yi Ming Law Firm

We’re proud that our law firm offer top-notch legal services for a nationwide affordable pricing! Based on nearly 20 years’ operation, Yi Ming gained rich experience in dealing enterprise issues. Come with us, let us obtain success together.

Why Hiring Yi Ming Law Firm is Always a Winning Move?

Local Partner

As a partner, starting with Franchising laws, Intellectual Property laws, Labor & Employment laws, Business Registration in China and Business litigation & arbitration for helping enterprise to enter Chinese market

Beyond Expectation

We’ve got an amazing percentage of won case and satisfaction. These kinds of results were made possible only thanks to our due diligence, timely efforts and an incredible range of legal wit!

Timely Work

Working with a lot of cases allows us to make some considerable timing shortcuts. We never waste your time idly! Winning ahead of the schedule is our signature move!

Affordable Offer

Our reasonable pricing! Keeping in mind that most of our clients are businesses – we keep our fees low with the best services!

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The close cooperation with Administration, nearly 20 years practice experiences and rich of theory works make Yi Ming as an excellent partner of entities who are pursuing business growth.


Intellectual Property Law

Intellectual Property is a complex one. You’d better have a just as harsh team of strict lawyers so that your interests can be protected both in Administration procedure and court!


Business Registration in China

A legitimate commercial subject is the fundamental for your business in China. You will never be bothered with this if Yi Ming is selected as the partner to handle it.

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