Franchising is the most efficient and profitable path for enterprises to growth.

Franchise is originated in USA in 19th century, undergoing mature development in the west for more than 100 years, this model has been proven as a success. The franchisers who own registered trademarks, corporate logos, patents, proprietary technology and other business resources, abide by contract authorize the franchisees the use of them, under the condition of an unified business model and certain amount of fees to be paid according to the contract, are not constrained by fund, area, time and other aspects, and achieve rapid expansion at low cost and risk. It possesses unparalleled superiority as it gradually defeated the traditional business model by the advantages of cost, management, marketing, distribution, area, etc. This is the inevitable outcome of a highly developed market economy and a greatly matured legal system, also an exceptional contribution to the world.

Franchise in China

Franchise entered China around 1970s to 1980s, which although is a little late, the prospect of its development is generally positive, as franchised enterprises increase rapidly like rocket, covering almost every area of business and gaining proud achievements. Meanwhile those franchised tycoons one by one establish business in China, where they compete in the market. Related laws and policies have been released by the state to provide condition and support for Chinese firms to develop franchises, which is the core and most professional business of Beijing Yiming Law Firm, one of the best in China.

Franchise related legal services provided by Yi Ming

The Franchise Legal Affairs Department of Beijing Yiming Law Firm was founded in 2007, when the Regulation on the Administration of Commercial Franchises was implemented by Chinese government, by a group of senior lawyers and professionals who expertise in diverge stages and procedures of legislation, setting up and designing system, and not only possessing professionalism in law, but also operation in practice, not only indigenous compatibility in the market, but also comprehensiveness of management. The commercial franchise legal services provided by Yi Ming including:


      • Legal And Policy Advisory
      • Record Agency
      • business management,
      • system design and risk control.

Over the past decade, Yi Ming has provided services for more than 200 large and medium-sized franchise enterprises. Through long-term practice, it has tested the professionalism of the team and its services by using the principle of combining practice and theory.


We are confident to say that knowing us is the guarantee for you to carry out franchise activities in China without detours. It is also the first step for your brand to achieve rapid development and win the market in China. If you or your clients want to exploit the franchise business in China, please feel free to contact us. Looking forward to our cooperation.